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 High paid position with us

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PostSubject: High paid position with us   Tue Jul 07, 2009 4:52 pm

Location: USA

Status: Opened

Employee Type: Part-Time Employee

Company: Broad Capital Company, Inc.

Duties of the Service Representatives include holding and supporting a

local business used for payments processing between the company and

the clients, managing cash flows, creating reports, providing support

to the clients. Every office of the company starts from the local

Service Representative cooperation, so the position is very



* Advanced user ability to operate computer and to use Internet and e-mail.

* An existing bank account opened on personal or business name

* Basic skills in managing payments and money transfers.

* Ability to schedule working hours effectively.

* Availability of spare time (3-4 hours per day).

* Legal age.

Payment: basic salary $2500 monthly plus payments turnover bonus.


* Flexible work schedule.

* Possibility to combine the job with primary employment.

* Free training course.
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High paid position with us
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